ReTraQue -Securing high yield and sustainability in future crops 


Resistance-Traits-Quality (ReTraQue) is the name of a 5-year breeding project, which relies on new plant breeding technologies (NBT) using CRISPR/Cas technology. The technology allow scientists and plant breeders to improve the genetics of crops more precisely than classical mutagenesis techniques. Hence, the project’s goal is to develop sustainable crops and tools for breeding that are healthier and more resistant to diseases, which will lead to better quality in crops and higher yield. 

The team behind RetraQue has come together through the Crop Innovation Denmark network and consist of Danespo, DLF, Nordic Seed, Sejet, Aarhus University, Copenhagen University.


Read more about the project through the University of Copenhagen webpage by following this link.  

Cultivar trial plots at Sejet Plant Breeding. Foto Sejet